Ummm… Who Knew?!?! In this intricate symphony of America, I Ask You To Stop Poisoning US! Lead commands the spotlight, crafting an optimal environment for the emergence of our future leaders that becomes a dance of profound complexity. In resonance with Whitney Houston’s anthem, “Greatest Love of All,” it is time to instill in our youth the resilience to lead, particularly when confronted by formidable challenges such as systematic racism. Imagine our Black and Brown children, born into communities marked by the stain of environmental racism, deserving a melody far removed from discordance. Picture a harmonious tune where children can confidently quench their thirst from the faucet, liberated from the foreboding specter of lead contaminants. How can they be expected to lead when the very essence of clean water remains an elusive dream? Herein lies the harmony we seek: a strategic reduction of lead levels to 5 parts per billion (ppb), recognizing this as a pivotal step forward, though not an exhaustive solution. Allow the Children of the Future to savor the luxury of clean water, a fundamental right that has been denied for far too long.

As we declare our unwavering love for the Children of Our Future, poised to shape the contours of our tomorrows, let us harmonize with a resounding call to action. Advocate for the mandatory implementation of lead testing in all public schools and childcare facilities, coupled with the rigorous enforcement of water filtration standards, ensuring a maximum lead concentration of 5 ppb. Recognize the vulnerability of children to lead poisoning, a force that impacts their crucial developmental stages. Unfortunately, there is an unsettling reality that children as young as three are being referred to agencies due to alleged behavioral problems. However, there exists a compelling and overlooked possibility that these behavioral issues may be rooted in the insidious grasp of lead poisoning rather than behavioral shortcomings. The melody persists, urging contemplation on the reverberating impact of Whitney Houston’s timeless ballad. “Greatest Love of All” echoes a plea for change, a rallying cry to cease the poisoning of Black and Brown children ensnared by the toxic clutches of lead. Let the lyrics serve as an inspiration for a collective symphony that transfigures our communities, securing a future where every child can partake from the fountain of hope, liberated from the looming shadows of lead poisoning.

Extend your gaze to the grandeur of this symphony, where each note contributes to the metamorphosis of our societal fabric. Consider the collaborative efforts required to weave a tapestry of change that transcends racial disparities and ushers in an era of equality. It is incumbent upon us, as stewards of the future, to nurture an environment where the potential of every child, irrespective of their background, is not stifled by the pervasive threat of lead poisoning. Envision a coalition of passionate advocates like Young, Gifted & Green, policymakers, educators, and community leaders converging to orchestrate a transformation. Let us amplify the call for comprehensive educational programs that empower our youth with the knowledge to combat environmental injustices. Elevate the discourse on environmental racism, weaving it into the curriculum to foster an awareness that transcends the classroom and permeates the collective consciousness.

Utilize the power of research and development to devise sustainable solutions that dismantle the barriers preventing children from accessing safe drinking water. Think about a future where communities, once plagued by the effects of lead contamination, are revitalized through cutting-edge technologies that prioritize the well-being of our most vulnerable members. As the crescendo builds, spotlights the importance of grassroots movements and community engagement. Enlist the support of residents, community organizers, and environmental activists in the harmonious pursuit of systemic change. Illuminate the stories of resilience and triumph, where communities united against the adversity of lead poisoning, showcasing the indomitable spirit that propels us towards a brighter future.

The symphony echoes with a resolute commitment to justice and equality, where the elimination of environmental hazards is not just a goal but an unwavering promise to future generations. It is our duty, to engrave the principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship into the collective ethos, ensuring that the melody of progress resonates through the corridors of time. In the final movement, envision a transformed landscape where the Children of the Future, unburdened by the shadows of lead poisoning, emerge as empowered leaders. Picture a society where clean water is not a luxury but an inalienable right, accessible to all. The symphony concludes with a triumphant note, heralding a future where every child can bask in the glory of their potential, unencumbered by the chains of environmental injustice. In this extended composition, the melody of change reverberates through the symphony of societal evolution, inviting all to join in the harmonious pursuit of a future where the greatest love is bestowed upon every child, unmarred by the haunting presence of lead.


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