The Dawn of the New Jim Crow: The SCOTUS Decision on WV vs EPA

Jul 1, 2022 | BM4F Spotlights, Uncategorized, Young, Gifted & Green Blog Series | 0 comments

Just days after the despicable crime against women and child birthing people with the Roe v. Wade decision, on June 30, 2022, the Supreme Court sided with coal companies and their allies, limiting the EPA from setting the kind of highly-effective standards we need. Our children lost yesterday. Our families and communities lost yesterday. America lost yesterday, but TRUST, Black and Latinx youth and young adults are ready to give one hell of a fight for the right for Clean Air and environmental justice for all.

It is critical for EPA to exercise its authority – and duty – to cut climate pollution. It has BEEN time for Uncle Joe and the entire Biden-Harris Administration to act quickly and issue the strongest rule possible.

Let’s break the situation down:

  • This ruling narrows the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to effectively address climate pollution from power plants, undermines the successes of the Clean Air Act, and will undoubtedly cause more uncertainty.
  • All Americans should be troubled by the direction this Supreme Court is taking the country. The ruling is a warning that coal companies and their allies will not back down in their fight to strip the EPA’s authority, giving the Supreme Court a new and dangerous veto over the will of the people and the branches of government accountable to them. Regulated power companies did not ask for this rollback – to the contrary, many supported EPA’s authority to adopt pollution limits that reflect the actual capabilities and practices of the sector.
  • We need every tool in the toolbox to stop the forthcoming onslaught of climate disasters. While today’s ruling damages some important tools, it’s essential that the Biden Administration takes full advantage of those that remain to make the reductions we need to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. 
  • This decision will only cause more confusion for power companies by creating uncertainty and taking common, highly-effective measures for achieving emissions reductions off the table.
  • The Court’s decision could impact more than just climate; it could threaten our government’s ability to enforce countless laws that protect the public, from ensuring the safety of food and drugs, to protecting workers’ rights, to policing financial fraud, and much more. 
  • Our coalition of climate action advocates, families, scientific experts, frontline communities, and public health professionals will continue to fight back against the coal executives and far-right politicians trying to gut the Clean Air Act and block the EPA from protecting our health.

Our ancestors worked diligently to dismantle Jim Crow in the Deep South, and we will call on the power of Hazel Johnson, Dana Alston…all the powerful environmental justice warriors to continue the fight against ecological terrorism. Millennials and Gen Z have been hit hard by legacy pollution and environmental racism and we are ready to maintain the same BIG ENERGY to fight for our lives and the environment we are now borrowing from our children. We will continue fighting for environmental justice – whether in court, in Congress, in state legislatures, or at the ballot box.  AND THAT’S ON PERIODT!


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