Official Statement on EPA’s Buick City Prospective Purchaser Agreement Decision

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We stand at a critical moment in our community’s history, as the EPA approves the Buick City Prospective Purchaser Agreement (PPA) without the Flint community’s support. As the voices of the future, we must speak up and demand a say in decisions that shape the environment we inherit. It is disheartening to witness decisions that directly impact our future being made without considering the voices of those who will bear the consequences.

Our city, resilient in the face of adversity, has time and again shown the strength of its community bonds. Yet, the recent approval of the PPA without our approval is a stark reminder that our voices are often sidelined when it comes to the decisions that affect our environment, health, and well-being when money is involved.

Our community’s history is riddled with instances where decisions made without us in mind have led to devastating consequences. The EPA’s decision to approve the PPA only adds to this demeaning trend. Such injustice cannot continue, residents of Flint deserve seamless community engagement and thorough environmental assessments. We believe that community involvement is essential considering that these decisions will impact us in a firsthand manner.

Our displeasure is not rooted in mere opposition, but in the very real concern for the consequences that poorly made decisions can have on our lives and the environment we call home. The disregard for community input not only undermines the principles of democracy, but also reinforces the dangerous precedent for the kind of world we will inherit. It is our right to live in a clean, safe, and sustainable environment.

We demand transparency, accountability, and a genuine commitment to involving it in decisions that impact our city. Our collective voice, impassioned and determined, cannot be ignored. History repeating itself is not an option. Let us stand together, express our disapproval, and work towards a future where our concerns are not just acknowledged, but are integral to the decision-making processes that will shape the Flint we live in. 

EPA’s decision documents can be found HERE for further review.

About the Authors of this Statement

Dionna Brown, Flint Native, Howard University Graduate, current Wayne State University Graduate Student, and Black Millennials 4 Flint National Director of Youth Environmental Justice Programs.

Jada Robinson, Detroit Native, current student at University of Michigan – Flint, and Black Millennials 4 Flint Intern.


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