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We need your voice to push back on a dangerous bill in the TN State Legislature. It goes to the Commerce Committee this Tuesday, 3/8, where we want it to die! Or at least be delayed.

Send one click emails today:

 **SB 2077 / HB 2246 would *preempt/void ANY *actions by planning commissions, county commissions, city councils or any other boards that would interfere with the siting and development of fossil fuel infrastructure.

This would undo our Well Head Protect ordinance and leave our drinking water vulnerable to another attempt by Byhalia to run straight through Davis wellfield. 

This bill is so broad, it could allow for rampant use of eminent domain, and might not even be legal. It prevents local decision making over projects even when they’re owned by out-of-state or foreign companies.

Local governing bodies wouldn’t even be able to pass resolutions making a public statement – like what Memphis City Council did to formally voice their opposition to the Byhalia Pipeline. That is an infringement on our first amendment right.

If you own any land outside of Shelby County and would be willing to testify in the hearing on Tuesday in Nashville, please reach out to Protect Our Aquifer

Email the House and Senate Commerce Committee!

Thank you, Water Warriors!

One-click Email to the TN Senate Commerce Committee

One-click Email to the TN House Commerce Committee


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