Jaden Smith Brings Clean Water to Flint!

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First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church in partnership with JUST [Jaden Smith and Drew Fitzgerald], 501C3, The Last Kilometer, Rethink H2O, and Black Millennials for Flint hosted a private launch, Saturday, March 2, 2019 at First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to introduce the church community to a portable water filtration device, also known as ‘the water box’. The viewing demonstrated how the water box filtering system operates, while the device itself serves as a momentous milestone for the Flint community and represents the potential for a sustainable and positive resource for a city in crisis– five years after a switch to the Flint River contaminated the city’s water supply.

Black Millennials for Flint’s work focuses on developing community relationships and building coalitions among organizations that are focused on eradicating the dangers of lead in communities of color. We work with federal and local legislators to develop and implement practical policy solutions in communities of color, by acting as a conduit between local community groups and larger organizations with greater access to resources that can be utilized in those local communities. The space Black Millennials for Flint occupies allows for large scale impact to be achieved more readily in communities of color where access to resources to positively impact current realities isn’t immediately available.

First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has been a trusted partner of Black Millennials for Flint since the water crisis began in 2014. They have collaborated on numerous projects working toward lead eradication both locally and nationally, and so it was natural for this opportunity with JUST to spark — as First Trinity was the
only entity that could provide continued water supplies for the City of Flint after government mandated water donations were halted by former Governor Rick Snyder. The development of the water box for First Trinity to administer to the public was like an answered prayer.
The public can get more information about the water box at: www.firsttrinitywater.com.


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