BM4F Official Statement on the Flint Water Crisis Settlement

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March 29, 2021

In April 2014, nearly 7 years ago, the City of Flint was changed forever. The former Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, and a host of other elected officials and high profile government staff made the deadly switch to the Flint River. Today, March 29, 2021 marks the last day where individuals impacted by the crisis can “opt-in” to their settlement designation of choice. The total settlement is roughly $640 million–not even grazing the surface of justice. The impacts of lead exposure is irreversible and can cause generational impacts as well. Despite this genocide and disgusting display of inhumanity of our flawed justice system, the Flint Community (a majority Black and Brown city) has exemplified resilience reminiscent of our ancestors kidnapped from the shores of West Africa. We stand with the Flint Water Crisis organizers in Flint who have been consistent in this 7 year fight: Mari Copeny, Nayirrah Sharrif, Dr. Karen Weaver, Dr. Pamela Pugh, Ebonie Gipson, Jasmine Hall, Ashley Strozier, Gina Luster, Pastor & First Lady Ezra & Catrina Tillman, Jaden Smith, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, Congressman Dan Kildee….the list of warriors in the fight for clean water and justice in our beloved City of Flint can go on forever. Flint community organizers and activists have completely transformed the nation’s perspective surrounding environmental racism. lack Millennials 4 Flint makes a commitment to serve beyond this crisis. When all the media and “influencers” left Flint, Black Millennials 4 Flint has remained and will continue to prioritize the Flint community. The fight isn’t over…it has merely just begun.

Settlement Resources

Special thanks to our Flint EJ Griot Jasmine Hall, Epidemiologist & Harvard Graduate, Former Mayor of Flint Karen Weaver and Kristy Drutman (Brown Girl Green) for hosting this VERY informative panel on the #FlintWaterCrisis Settlement:

We support the Flint communities’ identification of three choices regarding the settlement: 1) opt in/register, 2) register with objections or 3) opt out.  Additional resources are found below:

  1. Water crisis settlement instructions:
  2. Video Explaining Options and How:
  3. Who can help me?
  4. Opt in online: or mailing the form at
  5. Objections letter:
  6. Opt out form:
  7. Need more info? Look at the graphics


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